Shankar Seed Company Blog Latest Products Mon, 26 Feb 2024 17:04:45 +0530 en-us How to grow good onion yield from Yellow Onion Seeds in UP? Wed, 26 Aug 2020 10:35:47 +0530 The onion is one of the useful vegetables in use for thousands of years as a spice. It is considered the second most important crop in India. The onion comes in different varieties and included in these varieties are red onions, white onions, green onions and the yellow onions. Each one comes with its unique flavour; a dish can become different if one type of onion is used. Onions can be eaten and used in so many ways; they can be eaten raw, fried, cooked, roasted or even dried. They are popular to use in dips, soups, salads and many dishes.Yellow onions can be used as a spice, as a vegetable, and as a medicine. As food or as a food ingredient, the onion gives us a lot of health benefits.Medicinal benefits of yellow onionsYellow Onions have a lot of medicinal effects and these can work whether they are used as food or as medicine preparation. They are used by early settlers to treat various conditions like coughs, asthma, colds and even used to repel insects. In Chinese medicine, they are even used to treat bacterial infections, breathing problems and angina. Onions are also known to help suppress the growth of bacteria in the colon because it encourages the growth of healthy bacteria named bifid bacteria. Thus, it is considered as good protection against colon tumours.Growing yellow onions from seeds are both easy and economical. The process can be initiated indoors in tubs and transplanted to the garden later. One can also sow their seeds directly in the garden.Any of these methods for planting Yellow onion seeds in UP will result in abundant yield supply of onion crops.How to Grow Onions from Seeds?Onion seed starting is easy. Onions grow best in fertile, well-draining soil. This should also be worked with organic matter, such as compost. When growing yellow onion seeds, some people prefer to start them indoors. This can be done in late autumn. The best time for planting onion seeds outdoors is in spring, as soon as the soil can be worked in your area. Place them about an inch (2.5 cm.) deep in the soil and approximately half an inch or more apart. If planting rows, space them at least one and a half to two feet (.45 to .61 m.) apart.Yellow Onion Seed GerminationWhen it comes to onion seed germination, temperature plays an active role. The proper germination occurs within 7-10 days. However, soil temperature affects this process. The cooler the soil temperature is, longer will it take onion seeds to germinate – up to two weeks. In warm soil temperatures, onion seed germination gets triggered in as little as four days.Where to buy yellow onion seeds?Yellow onion seeds suppliers in UP can get you amazing quality yellow onion seeds. Their products are highly in demand in the market due to its quality, affordability and availability. They use the latest equipment and amazing techniques to ensure that their clients receive the best always. Salient features:• Complete transparency in dealing• Competence to deliver in bulk• Nationwide reach• Assurance of timely delivery• Affordable pricing Benefits of Tomatoes in Your Daily Diet? Tue, 27 Oct 2020 15:06:49 +0530 Tomato is a fruit found having its origin in South America as an important member of the nightshade family. But though botanically it is a fruit, it is globally counted as a vegetable. It is an important dietary source of lycopene, an antioxidant offering countless health benefits such as lowering cancer symptoms or heart problems.  Tomatoes are red when ripe but it is also available in different other colours such as purple, green, orange and yellow. There are its subspecies too supplied by the tomato traders in different shapes, colours and flavor.Nutrition Facts: Tomatoes include almost 95% water content in them. The rest 5% includes fiber and carbohydrates. Normally, any small raw tomato includes – • Calories• Protein• Carbohydrates• Sugar• Fiber• Fat• WaterMore details…  Carbs – almost 4% of a raw tomato is carbohydrates. Fiber – tomatoes are known to be an important source of fiber. An average sized tomato offers almost 1.5 grams of fiber. And, its maximum amount (87%) is insoluble fiber which remains in the form of lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose. Vitamin B9 or Folate – it is an essential B vitamin that helps in normal cell functioning and natural tissue growth. It is a must-have for the pregnant and lactating ladies. Vitamin C – it is an important antioxidant. Consumption of a medium-sized tomato can provide almost 28% of the requirement of vitamin C. Vitamin K1 – it is also called phylloquinone. It helps in eliminating blood clots and improving bone health. Potassium – it is an essential mineral effective for a controlled blood pressure and reduced heart diseases.Other plant compounds –  • Beta carotene – an antioxidant which converts into vitamin A in the human body.• Lycopene – an antioxidant and a red pigment.• Chlorogenic acid – a strong antioxidant known for lowering high BP.• Naringenin – it remains the skin of tomatoes. It is best known for reducing inflammation.Benefits of Tomatoes: • Improved heart health  Various studies have shown that especially middle-aged men suffer from lower beta-carotene and lycopene in their blood which increases chances of strokes and heart attacks. Hence, taking supplements of lycopene can help in lowering bad LDL cholesterol in the blood, and consuming tomatoes on regular basis can help. It also reduces inflammation, blood clotting and oxidative stress in the body. • Lower risks of cancer  Various studies have shown that regular consumption of tomatoes can help with lower chances of stomach, lung and prostate cancers. In women, it offers protection against breast cancer due to higher amount of carotenoids in it. • Advanced skin health  Tomatoes are rich in various essential plant compounds and lycopene, which all together offer protection against sunburn.When tomatoes start ripening naturally they produce ethylene, which is a vaporous hormone. Only the best tomato exporters in India provide naturally ripe tomatoes and not the artificially grown ones. In need, contacting the best suppliers and exporters is recommended for greater health.   At Shankar Seed Company, you will get the best tomato seeds that are of superior quality and affordable. The seeds are packaged well, away from moisture and all their products are tested and certified by experts.